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This is POWW, this is us

We're on a mission

You are POWWerful. We believe in self-emPOWWerment and the POWWer of young changemakers. As mentors and consultants, we reduce the gap between changemakers and decision-makers.

We advise, coach, and support leaders and projects around the world on topics like Marketing, Strategy, Fundraising, Impact Maximisation. Each collaboration is personalised based on their needs and resources.

How we are and act









How we got here

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What makes us unique

What a collaboration typically looks like

Week 1: Info Questionnaire (project introduction and background), meetup call, project’s content collection
Week 2: POWW prep; setting up the media strategy, fundraising, structure, possible collaborations.
Week 3-6: ACTION TIME- 1:1 consultation session with respective teams, mentoring session, group meetup and update, media expansion begins.
Week 7: feedback survey, concluding POWW call of team members and conclusions.
Week 8: Data analysis, leadership meeting.

Our services

Marketing: Marketing strategy, branding, social media, engagement/reach
Connections: respective group interests, NGOs and governmental support
Organisation: Internal structure, members/supporter engagement and structure
Fundraising: Maximising existing resources, fundraising campaigns, external grants

Our current projects and clients

POWW Project in Haiti

Hope of Children Ministry (Haiti)

Children, women empowerment, community building.

POWW Project in Togo

Woé zon Ioo (Togo)

Period poverty, entrepreneurship, education, health.

Image by Christina @

TBD (Philippines)

Career opportunities and future plans, role models.

Teaser of previous collaborations

POWW x Einhorn
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