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Spread across the world with great diversity, but united by passion.

Ge to know us: 

  1. Where are you from, where are you based?

  2. What’s your passion?

  3. What’s your role in POWW?

  4. What does POWWer mean to you?

  5. Tell us a secret about you that most people don’t know.

  6. Where can we find you to connect?

POWW Katharina Mueller

Katharina (She/Her)

Founder & Strategist

  1. After living on 5 continents back home in Germany.

  2. Self-growth, traveling, education and health for women and children.

  3. Strategy, coops, PR, and leadership.

  4. Self-emPOWWerment: taking action, creating your own path, finally being heard/seen, tackling issues you personally care about.

  5. I self-published the book “Meant To Be” and I’m a certified yoga teacher.

  6. Let's chat & find out more here.



Project Manager

  1. From Israel and France, based in Europe.

  2. Women Empowerment, Environmental Action, Youth Activism, Water.

  3. Project Management, Team Management, Organisation.

  4. The ability to inspire and empower others into positive action.

  5. I like to spin fire with my dragon-staff.

  6. Let's connect here.

POWW ANgelina



  1. From Ukraine, based in Switzerland.

  2. International relations, gender studies, environment.

  3. Time management, Social Engagement, Fundraising.

  4. POWWer is a chance to make this world a better place by taking an initiative.

  5. Journaling every day helps me keep myself on track.

  6. Let's connect here.

Untitled design.png



 Strategic Partnerships
  1. From Rwanda and based in Germany.

  2. Development and politics.

  3. Fundraising and Strategic Partenerships.

  4. Empowering socioeconomically marginalized women and girls through skills building, consequently expanding their access to educational and employment opportunities.

  5. I’m very diverse and multi-tasking/multi-purpose (both in sports and projects).

  6. Let's connect here.

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Content Strategist
  1. Born in Spain, grew up in South Africa, currently in Germany.

  2. Traveling to remote places, children and women’s health, conscious living, anywhere at the ocean, and birth companionship.

  3. Content and Community Strategy.

  4. Making a difference outside of my community and taking action. Leaving the world a sweeter place.

  5. I will be training as a Doula in the upcoming year.

  6. Let's connect here.

POWW Power of World Women

We want


Future Team Member
  1. No matter where you're from or where you live.

  2. No matter your interests, as long as you're in line with our mission and values. We're particularly interested in non-European male and nonbinary members.

  3. Let's define your dream role together.

  4. You are POWWerful.

  5. We wanna know, spill the tea.

  6. Drop us an email.

POWW Monika

Monika (She/Her)

  1. From and in Lithuania.

  2. Women empowerment, Equality,

  3. Design, Branding.

  4. Chance to help people accomplish their dreams and passion. Also, the ability to empower and inspire others to make some positive influence in their local community/circle that needs some support.

  5. Let's connect here.

Untitled design_edited.jpg

Una Kamhin


Researcher & Editor 
  1. From France and Ireland, now in Berlin.

  2. Defense of human rights, reading and writing, hiking and long walks in nature, and analogue photography.

  3. Background research on specific topics for our various projects as well as writing blog posts to assure accountability and show the basis for our approach and our values.

  4. Equitable opportunity, independence, a seat at any decision-making table, respect, space for intuitiveness.

  5. I'm a pretty open book but I do have a lot of doubts about whether or not I studied the right thing. I hope POWW helps bring out my potential.

  6. Let's connect here.

POWW Lukas


Media Production
  1. From and in Germany.

  2. Supporting equality, environmental protection, creating music and 3D art.

  3. Editing audio and video content.

  4. Sharing and gaining knowledge on a global scale to empower and strengthen one another.

  5. Let's connect here.

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Program Manager 

1. Mumbai, India.

2. Collaborating with People, Culture, Art, and Travelling.

3. Program Design, Growth and Sustenance.

4. To Be the Change and Empower

5. Leaders to make a change.

I am a student of philosophy and a street photographer.

6. Let's connect here.

Untitled design.png



Business Development
  1. I'm from Mexico, now in France.

  2. I find myself a people-oriented person. I like meeting people and love building meaningful relationships. I enjoy activities like globetrotting, hiking, and playing team sports (volleyball mainly).

  3. Discovering and setting up future revenue streams, helping with strategic business decisions, and collaborating closely with the program and partnership/fundraising team.

  4.  Opportunity for fostering a culture of equality and inclusion in society. For me, youth emPOWWerment is necessary nowadays for taking action on different world problems for a better present.

  5. I'm producing music so, I have a Youtube channel where I upload the tracks that I spontaneously mix/produce just for the fun.

  6. Let's connect here.

Untitled design.png



 Strategic Partnerships
  1. From Palma de Mallorca, Spain, now in A Coruña, Spain.2. 

  2. Languages, literature and culture, politics, IR and cooperation. 

  3. Researching and trying to find partners for both POWW and POWW projects.

  4. A great opportunity to plant a seed and make a better world as well as explore myself in the International Relations and cooperation fields and grow as a person.

  5. I think I have no secrets! I am an open book and I don't mind sharing everything with others as long as I am comfortable with them!

  6. Let's connect here.

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